Our Team

Timothy S Kizito

 (Chairman / HOP USA)

Sharon NK


Erasto Bisereko

CE /HOP Africa

Caroline Marcah

Artist Manager/Operations

Keith Enock Mwanje

Director Videography

Arthur Kasirye

Head of IT/Strategist

David “Chimey” Musolo

Head of artist/storage

Godfrey “C-Note” M

Assistant Producer

Ram Bukenya

Head LA Production

Paul F Mutebi


Henry “Karis” Mburu


Daniel Ezekiel

Head Europe production

Mrs Jane Ddiba

Accounts (USA)

Steve Wejuli Oundo

Producer (USA)

Rockie charles

Producer (USA)

Bridget .N. Kizito


Allan Watson


Bantu Pro Inc.
Setting high
standards For Reliability


We’ve got the right tools for the job

Getting what you want with a lasting impression requires a studio with just the right personnel and variety of tools, Right from the microphones, mixer, to monitoring its all about those small detail and quality.  We believe you’ll find the right blend you’re looking for at Bantupro Music studios.


We’ll work with you to develop the best strategy best suited for your need. It’s not how many ideas you have, but how many you can make-work. Producing effective results is what we do best. We will help you turn your innovations into results